Belaz: Past and Present

Republican Unitary Enterprise Belarus Automobile Plant (Belaz) specializes in production of high- and extra-high payload mine dump trucks, as well as other heavy-duty transportation equipment used in mining and construction.

While the history of the plant dates back to 1948, first Belaz trucks for use in open-pit quarries were designed in 1960.

Fundamental requirements to vehicle for the mining industry were laid down during the development of the first 27 ton and 40 ton dump trucks. They included: high maneuverability, smooth ride, good towing and dynamic characteristics, easiness and safety of operation. Such approach to development of quarry transport has from the very beginning provided for a high technical level and international recognition of Belaz vehicles.

Amidst ever-growing competition Belaz is constantly working to improve mine dump trucks and create new high-efficiency vehicles.

Main Belaz products are mine dump trucks, with the payload ranging from 30 to 360 mt. Within each payload class there are several vehicle versions and options depending on operating conditions, diesel engine used, platforms and other chassis components, as well as additional systems per customer order.

As far as the payload range is concerned, Belaz trucks can meet the requirements of any customer – from relatively small to the largest companies.

The Belaz truck model range is constantly expanding, the annual renewal volume amounting to about 40% from the total product output.

Today we can offer the following:

  • Mine dump trucks with hydro-mechanical transmission in the 30-90 ton payload class and mine dump trucks with electromechanical transmission in the 110-360 ton payload class. All these vehicles routinely feature diesel engines electromechanical transmissions produced by leading world manufacturers, such as MTU, Cummins, GE, and Siemens.
  • Dump trucks with increased off-road capability, equipped with hydro-mechanical transmission;
  • Road construction vehicles and mining and transport equipment service vehicles: loaders, bulldozers, concrete mixer trucks, scrapers and tow trucks;
  • Vehicles for underground work: underground dump trucks, load-haul vehicles, universal chassis, people carriers, undreground concrete mixers;
  • Steel mill vehicles: slag buggies, heavy-load carriers;
  • Special-purpose vehicles: self-propelled rollers, shaker chassis, airport tow trucks, water trucks.

Belaz products are very competitive on the world market because they meet the requirements of all international standards, technical and legal regulations, technical codes and EC directives currently in force.

High product quality is warranted by the Quality Management system introduced at the plant that meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2001 and International standard DIN EN ISO 9001-2000.

Belaz achievements in the field of mine dump truck quality have won many international awards.

New tasks, new requirements set forth by Belaz customers, the necessity to open-up new markets urge priority development and production of new machinery.

This work is carried out at the Belaz Technical Center that features design departments, pilot production facilities and a test lab. With the creation of the Technical Center, Belaz has become one of the most sophisticated modern facilities for new engineering product development on the territory of the Former Soviet Union.

This approach is based on the international product development and production implementation. Specialists working at the Belaz Technical Center use a complex of state-of-the-art highly productive work stations as part of the united corporate automatic management system network that has an outlet into the general company computer network. Engineers’ workstations are equipped with modern design and development programs in a 3D format.

All major carrying elements and units of the new design are subjected to load analysis using the ANSIS program package that is available at the designers’ work stations.

About 68000 square feet of covered floor space in the pilot production facility is allocated for testing. The main testing tool used during lab tests is a set of SHENK power cylinders. There is also a set of stands to test separate units of dump trucks produced by the company.

The company proving grounds feature test tracks that simulate various sections of mine roads. Methods used in various types of tests provide for test acceleration at 4.64-11.50 ratio.

With stiff competition among mine vehicles and equipment manufacturers, mining companies prefer hardware that offers maximum productivity at minimum service cost. While feeling quite comfortable on the markets of Russia, Ukraine, China, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, Belaz is constantly concerned with preservation and expansion of its presence on the world market.

This is why we are proud to offer the North American market two models of high payload mine dump trucks equipped with electromechanical transmission: Belaz-75137 (130-136 tons) and Belaz-75302 (220 tons).

The first commercial batches of 75-ton and 110-ton dump trucks with electromechanical transmission were built in early 1970s. Since then, both the design and manufacturing process have become more advanced and the dump truck payload grew up to 136 tons and 240 tons, respectively.

The first test samples of Belaz-7513 family were built in 1995 and Belaz-7530 family – in 2001. Both have a new generation electromechanical transmission and feature technical innovations at par with the best world analogues.

The development was focused on achieving reliability, compactness, considerable increase in efficiency, reduction of transportation cost, improvement of the driver’s working conditions, reduction of the labor intensity during maintenance and repairs.

Over 1,500 high payload dump trucks have been produced so far, including more than 1,200 Belaz-7513 family mine dump trucks and more than 300 Belaz-7530 family mine dump trucks that are in service in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Australia, Iran and other countries.

New generation dump trucks offered for the North American market feature state-of-the-art technical solutions on a number of systems and units. Among them is a modern MTU diesel engine with an electronic engine management and diagnostics system, certified to meet EPA’s Tier 2 exhaust level requirements, an AC-AC electromechanical GE or SIEMENS transmission with electronic control, a soft-ride pneumohydraulic suspension with low friction coefficient and a high-commonality combined hydraulic system.

The electronic management system ensures high electric drive efficiency and reliable functioning of all its mechanisms and systems. The vehicle power generating system’s economic efficiency is achieved by continuous variable regulation of drive parameters and characteristics during both traction and braking conditions. This provides for optimum utilization of the diesel engine power, uniform torque distribution between the drive wheels and prevents their spinning.

Rational selection of parameters and characteristics of the diesel engine, electrical equipment and electric drive control fixtures made it possible to generate high driving and braking properties, good fuel economy, good stability and driveability in complex road conditions that are typical for this kind of vehicles.

We know that Belaz dump trucks will fit well in the North American mining industry.